Readers sound off on national unity, progressive politics and making LIPA public

Readers sound off on national unity, progressive politics and making LIPA public

Being civic-minded can help heal our divisions

Brick, N.J.: Why do so many Americans hate other Americans? There are many reasons, of course, but one leaps to mind for its simplicity: Hating is easy. Loving is often quite difficult.

The current intensity of our national mutual hatred feels like our Civil War has reignited! We see reminders of how we should treat one another. The “United” States of America implies a togetherness of purpose and goal. Our paper currency reminds its carriers and transactors of ideals like “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one), “In God We Trust,” “We the People,” etc.

The concept, substance and purpose of America will be discovered not in blind adoration of a strongman who urges hatred and divisiveness upon his followers, but rather in the powerful words of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights. Along with these rights, which most of the world’s population can only envy, there are corresponding obligations. An adult American citizen should stay informed by trustworthy sources, be involved with his/her democracy by voting and other activities, put country before party or personal benefit, uphold civility, be open to compromise, be committed to non-violence and foster mutual respect among all citizens.

The United States of America is in danger from within. The tyrants of Europe in the first half of the 20th century were able to usurp their democracies and substitute dictatorships by getting enough voters to vote for the extinction of their own voting rights! Yes, that can happen here! Nicholas Molinari

Persistent threat

Bergenfield, N.J.: To all those on social media who’ve said I was nuts about Donald Trump wanting to be dictator, the media — social and otherwise — have acknowledged the same. I’ve stated this ever since he said he’d first run for president. Stay vigilant, democracy- and freedom-loving Americans. Jack De Lucia

See no evil, read no evil

Saddle Brook, N.J.: Please do everyone a favor and stop printing the orange man’s picture when writing about him. A pumpkin will suffice. Even better, stop writing about him altogether. He lives for publicity, so stop providing it. M.J. Crandall

Get lost

Massapequa, L.I.: My ex-congressman, George Santos, wanted the people in District 3 to tell him to leave before he was expelled yesterday. Well, Georgy boy, I’m glad you’re the hell out and now I can finally have a real representative after 11 months without one. Ron Boehning

Let him rest

Wayne, N.J.: I would like to know why the station WABC allows Curtis Sliwa to make his daily insults toward Mario Cuomo. Please show some respect, the man has been dead for many years. Sliwa is a buffoon and a mayor wannabe. He should look in the mirror and see that he is not an Adonis. Clementine DelPolito

Paramount issue

Hillsdale, N.Y.: Many Voicers continue to vote by party rather than by an individual person who truly represents their interests and concerns about safety (if one exists). For this reason, nothing will improve, but only continue and get worse with some liberal-thinking politicians in office who are less concerned about the law-abiding citizens who probably voted them into office. Just think about it — you can’t take the subway, walk the street or send your kids to school without serious concerns. Oh, before I forget, since sidewalks are used by motorbikes, motor scooters and speeding bikes, can the city create a walking path in the street? Phil Antico

Keep score

Brooklyn: The progressives in the City Council and state Legislature are ruining our city and state. First, they make battery-operated mopeds and scooters legal, whereas before, the police would take them off the street. These vehicles are now causing numerous fires, which often result in serious injury or deaths. In addition, these far-left politicians have destroyed the production of affordable housing by taking away a tax break that developers would use as an incentive. The progressives didn’t want to see developers making money, so now the developers are not making housing. Last and not least are the incredibly destructive bail reform and other criminal justice reforms that are letting criminals out after being arrested, practically immediately. Voters need to remember these destructive actions by progressives at the next election. Robert Mascali

Other team

South Richmond Hill: To Voicer Joseph Matarazzo: Our “paisan” Tommy DeVito plays for the Giants! Joseph Napoleone


Brooklyn: This is for our Israeli neighbors: Even though the world has gone mad, I want you to know that there are many decent people who feel for you. I am praying for your safety. If all of those demonstrators would drop to their knees and turn to God, I believe there would be peace. Wanda Lucci

Root cause

Brooklyn: Re “Pro-Palestinian ‘action’ plan for Rock Ctr. tree-lighting” (Nov. 29): The article quotes an Instagram post from @wolpalestine that claims Christmas should not be celebrated as normal because the Palestinian homeland of Jesus is being attacked. Might one remind these hypocrites that Jesus was a Jew and the attacks are the result of Hamas attacking his people? Ilsa Ruthen

Seized opportunity

Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia: Yes, it is truly a wonderful thing when each Israeli hostage is released by the unbelievably barbaric, Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists! However, each Israeli hostage released by Hamas will almost certainly cost the lives of some 20 to 200 Israeli soldiers (some of them Arab IDF volunteers) because the truce will have allowed the ineffably heinous Hamas to regroup, rearm and be reinforced! Howard Hutchins

Population transfer

Ridgewood: With more than 1.5 million people displaced in Gaza and 60% of the homes destroyed, Israel or an NGO should move these people to the West Bank. That would solve Israel’s problem of not causing civilian deaths and allow it to attack Gaza. Further, it would allow these civilians access to food, drinking water and hospitals. John Sendlein

Pushed to violence

Riverhead, L.I.: The Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7 was brutal, savage, inhumane, immoral and inevitable. It was also long overdue. When you treat a set of people with the disrespect, disdain and dehumanization that Israel has treated the Palestinians with, you don’t get to choose how they or some thugs who claim to care about them react to that treatment. America deserves some of the blame for Oct. 7 because we have looked the other way on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians simply because Palestinians do not have the power, influence and money that Israelis do. The road to a solution can only start when Israel gets rid of Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who seems to take a Trumpian joy in punishing people he considers beneath him. I pray the Palestinians can find a person akin to Martin Luther King Jr. to lead peaceful resistance to Israel’s treatment of them. Colin Grattan

Power move

Ridgewood: The Long Island Power Authority now delegates its work to for-profit and unreliable PSE&G. Among the costs to consumers are up to $4.2 million paid to each of 19 PSE&G executives. This is not just a problem for Long Islanders but for people living in the Rockaways as well. There’s growing support for making LIPA a public utility handling its own operations, with a 13-member board paid a total of $325,000. A public LIPA would get needed community input while lowering what we pay for utilities, improving service and efficiency and speeding the adoption of clean energy instead of dirty fuels. Assemblymember Fred Thiele and state Sen. Kevin Thomas are spearheading state legislation to give power to the people. Gov. Hochul should support it too. Chandra Bocci


Brooklyn: I was glad to see the letters from Voicers Valerie Costa and Debra Maddalena in reference to the storyline of “Mutts.” The poor pup watched the moving van being loaded with the family possessions, leaving with the family following behind it. He was forgotten, left alone with no one to take care of him. As much as I hate to admit it, this broke my heart and I cried for him. I know it’s a comic strip, but I love dogs. Andrea Moore

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