iPhone glitch causes my alarm to go off at 9:25 a.m. daily

iPhone glitch causes my alarm to go off at 9:25 a.m. daily

Does she need to call a tech-corcist?

A UK woman has been plagued by a “really annoying” iPhone glitch for five years that causes her alarm to go off at 9:25 a.m. every day like clockwork — despite the fact that she never scheduled it.

She detailed this technological Groundhog Day problem, which even has Apple employees stumped, in a TikTok clip that has amassed over 780,000 views.

“Am I going to die at 9:25 in the morning?” the TikTokker, Angele Sofia, wrote in the video.

“Basically, I have an alarm that goes off every morning at 9:25 a.m. without fail,” she explained in the clip. “And I do not have an alarm set at 9:25, nor have I ever had an alarm set at 9:25 a.m.”

The befuddled Brit explained that the issue began “out of the blue” four or five years ago when the wakeup call sounded at the aforementioned time.

“I was like I didn’t know I set an alarm,” recalled Sofia, who said she subsequently looked at her alarms to see that none of them had been activated.

“I genuinely think at this point there’s nothing I can do,” lamented Angele Sofia in one of the clips. TikTok/angelegsofia

“Every day since I have had an alarm go off at 9:25,” griped the beleaguered gal, joking that it was a prediction of her death.

To make matters stranger, Sofia claimed that her “alarm only rings” if her phone is not on silent, which as she pointed out, is not the norm.

On top of that, the alert only sounds once instead of the normal function of going off until the user presses stop or snooze.

Unfortunately, buying a new phone apparently doesn’t solve the problem: Like a horror movie about demonic possession, the glitch apparently “haunts” each new device that the poor iPhone enthusiast buys.

That’s because Sofia always transfers her data to each new phone because, in her words, she doesn’t “want to start fresh.”

“My 9:25 alarm comes with it, and it’s the most stressful thing,” rued the content creator.

Sofia described the glitch as the “bane of my existence.” TikTok/angelegsofia

In fact, the problem is so vexing that “no single Apple employee can seem to figure it out,” per the clip.

Left with no other recourse, Sofia turned to the armchair Apple experts on TikTok to try and remedy the recurring issue — but she’s steadfast about not wiping all her data via the factory reset function.

TikTok tech-sperts were quick to offer suggestions with one advising, “Try adding one at 9:25 and then turn it off and delete it!!”

“I FIGURED IT OUT!! Go to health app>summary tab>sleep>full schedule & options>edit full schedule>scroll down> delete schedule,” claimed another.

A third suggested, “It’s your sleep schedule. Which is at the top of your screen called ‘sleep | wake up’ And your alarm is named ‘no alarm’. I know I’m right.”

Unfortunately, none of the suggested remedies did the trick.

Sofia showing that she’s never set an alarm for 9:25 a.m. TikTok/angelegsofia

One user wondered if Sofia had set an alarm in the calendar for an event and then repeated it every day.

However, after examining her calendar, the TikTokker didn’t find any events scheduled for 9:25 a.m.

Unfortunately, despite trying every possible solution — including deleting the clock, calendar, reminders and all the apps the alarm could come from before doing a reboot — nothing seemed to work, Sofia described in a series of follow-up clips.

In the footage, the desperate Brit could be seen holding up her phone in anticipation at 9:24 a.m. following her umpteenth alarm-busting attempt.

Unfortunately, a minute later the chime sounds yet again, seemingly putting Sofia on the verge of tears.

“I genuinely think at this point there’s nothing I can do,” she sighs on camera.

Sofia’s phantom alarm has followed her from phone to phone. TikTok/angelegsofia

Nonetheless, Sofia said she refuses to deploy the factory reset option for several reasons.

“Number one, the 9:25 alarm is not bad enough to lose everything I have,” she declared.

“Number two, if I factory reset the alarm wins.”

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