Giants QB decision crucial for coaching staff on the verge of chaos

Giants QB decision crucial for coaching staff on the verge of chaos

If Tyrod Taylor is healthy enough to play, Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll have an important call to make at quarterback for next Monday night’s home game against the Green Bay Packers.

Undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito has won two straight games and is a great local story, but Schoen and Daboll have to play the quarterback that gives their 4-8 team the best chance to win.

More to the point, Schoen and Daboll have to have their fingers on the pulse of who the players know gives them the best chance to win. They should also be able to judge it themselves.

The logical pick seems to be Taylor, 34, assuming his presumably broken ribs have healed enough for him to play effectively for the first time since a back-breaking Oct. 29 loss to the Jets.

Taylor returned to a closed practice on Monday and has been designated to return from injured reserve, which opens a 21-day window to activate him.

Nothing against DeVito, 25. He’s done just enough the last two weeks to get wins on the back of eight turnovers forced by the defense and one by special teams, albeit against two of the worst teams in the league.

Maybe DeVito’s ‘Jersey Juice’ is something the Giants would prefer to ride out until it fizzles.

But making the right call here is important. And not only because Schoen and Daboll need to give their Giants a puncher’s chance against the Packers (6-6), who just beat the Chiefs to build a three-game winning streak.

This decision is also critical because of the persistent noise about dysfunction on Daboll’s staff that clearly isn’t going to go away until something drastic changes.

During the Giants’ bye week, former Philadelphia Eagles scout John Middlekauff, who hosts the ‘3 and Out’ podcast on The Volume, doubled down on Jay Glazer’s FOX report of chaos in East Rutherford with information from his own source.

“[The source] said lemme tell ya this, ‘That coaching staff can’t stand Brian Daboll. The defensive coaching staff despises Brian Daboll. They think he’s a clown,’” Middlekauff said, relaying the source’s allegations. “And he’s like, ‘Look at that video that went out, when Daboll – this is what I’m being told, which I’d say it’s very credible – that Brian Daboll, pretty into Brian Daboll, and might be one of the first guys out the door, takes some cigar breaks during the work days. And he’s a guy – and this has been reported – that he’s constantly MF’ing the coaches.

“It’s one thing if you are a screamer and a yeller to yell at younger coaches or even some of your position coaches; it’s another thing to be constantly yelling and motherf—-g Wink Martindale. And he definitely – from what I was told – does that,” Middlekauff added.

The host claimed the Giants’ coaches “can’t stand” Daboll not only because yelling is “all he does.” It’s also because Daboll “doesn’t offer any solutions” when he’s lacing into them, according to Middlekauff.

“So he’s just screaming and he’s not actually saying what he wants them to fix,” he said.

On top of Glazer’s FOX report on Nov. 26, Middlekauff’s information pours gasoline onto an already raging fire. Glazer had reported on FOX’s national pre-game broadcast that Daboll and Martindale are “in a bad place” and Martindale might not even last the full season on staff.

“I don’t see them actually continuing their relationship after the season, maybe not even during the season,” Glazer said. “Could be a mutual parting of ways.”

People in the building told Glazer: “The tension between these two, you can feel it.”

Schoen and Daboll were unable to put out the fire at the start of the bye week.

Daboll said after the Patriots win: “I got a lot of respect for Wink. Glad he’s on the staff.” And he gave Martindale the game ball on camera. But it felt like a public relations move. Daboll then would not commit to Martindale remaining on staff the rest of the season.

Schoen danced around the issue and deferred to Daboll in his unconvincing comments.

“There’s always gonna be noise,” Schoen said. “There’s a lot of noise in this market. It is what it is. I know what we think inside those four walls. And that’s what matters. I’ve got a great relationship with Wink. I don’t know where some of this stuff comes from. And I’ll yield to [Daboll] on what he said on it.”

Middlekauff’s source told him that this ugly Giants dynamic “is not something that just happened this year when they started losing.” He told him “it was awful last year,” too.

“But then to the players he kisses nice because he doesn’t want a revolt,” Middlekauff said. “So the players have no issue with him, but the coaches? Not good … When you start screaming at people – which is some coaches’ style – you’d better not just scream to scream. Like, ‘What do you f–ing think we should do? You’re the boss. Tell us. And then when they don’t think you know, they start thinking you’re a fraud.”

The Giants have five games remaining. Their opponents boast a combined 61.6% winning percentage: vs. the Packers, at the Saints (5-7), at the Eagles (10-2), vs. the Rams (6-6) and vs. the Eagles (10-2).

The quarterback decision is key for Schoen and Daboll to reinforce confidence inside the locker room and on the team. One has to believe Taylor will be the call.

It’s telling of how bad it is inside the Giants, however, that even on the heels of a two-game winning streak, these types of allegations and information are continuing to leak out.

“Animosity, from what I’ve heard, is not even close to strong enough of a way to describe the situation,” Middlekauff said. “Heard it’s bad. Heard it’s really bad.”

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