Anti-Israel radicals made cut-and-paste toolkit for students

Anti-Israel radicals made cut-and-paste toolkit for students

The pro-Hamas student group behind a series of protests against Israel produced a “Day of Resistance Toolkit” complete with graphics, hashtags, and information for campus walkouts across the US, The Post has learned.

The cut-and-paste toolkit for radicals included templates for a graphics featuring a hang-glider set against a red background.

Members of the Hamas terrorist group used hang-gliders to fly across the border fence between Gaza and Israel.

All the campus anti-Israelis had to do was say where and when they were planning their protest and “*insert org name* mobilizes for Day of Resistance: Protest for Palestine.”

But the document also revealed the shocking ignorance of the group about the reality of what had happened in the Middle East: It got the date of the Hamas attacks wrong, saying they were on Oct. 8 not Oct. 7.

The documents were for National Students for Justice in Palestine’s “national day of resistance” on Oct. 12, five days after Hamas’ October 7 massacre that left more than 1,400 Israelis dead.

This is the template Students for Justice in Palestine sent to its chapters. Students for Justice in Palestine
And this is how it was used at California State University, Long Beach, with no organization logos. La FUERZA Student Association
At the Ohio State University, the most offensive element, the hang-glider imagery, got deleted. sjposu/Instagram
The use of the hang-glider image was a reference to how some of the Hamas terrorists entered Israel by flying across its border fences on powered hang-gliders.

It sent out precise instructions about how to conduct rallies, sit-ins and “disruptions” and told participants to call the massacre “resistance” in language glorifying Hamas, documents seen by The Post reveal.

Students at California State University in Long Beach were among those to copy and paste the hang-glider graphic at a protest, while pro-Palestinian students at UMass Amherst copied and pasted the image showing Hamas terrorists atop an Israeli tank.

The 5-page document calls the attack on innocent Israels by the name Hamas referred to it — Operation Towfan Al-Aqsa — then mis-states the day the mass-murders happened.

“On the morning of October 8th, the Palestinian resistance stormed the illegitimate border fence, gaining control of the Gaza checkpoint at Erez, and re-entering 1948 Palestine,” says the five-page primer sent out by the student group.

This was the other graphic offered in the Students for Justince in Palestine’s toolkit. Students for Justice in Palestine
And this is how it was used by UMass at Amherst student radicals. umass_sjp/Instagram

“Referred to as Operation Towfan Al-Aqsa (Al-Aqsa Flood), the resistance has taken occupation soldiers hostage, fired thousands of rockets, taken over Israeli military vehicles and gained control over illegal Israeli settlements.”

The group does not mention the number of Israeli civilians who were savagely raped, tortured and killed nor the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas.

Students for Justice in Palestine, which describes itself as a “grassroots, youth-led volunteer organization,” claims to have 200 chapters in universities and college campuses in the US and Canada.

It’s not clear who is behind the group’s funding, but donations on its website are directed to the Westchester People’s Action Foundation, a White Plains, NY, non-profit activist group that acts as a fiscal sponsor for the student organization.

This is how the 5-page guide opens. “Occupied Turtle Island” is an alternative name for the US and Canada used by indigenous rights activists to avoid calling it by names given by white Europeans. Students for Justice in Palestine
The 5-page document contained a glaring error, claiming the Hamas attacks were on Oct.8, a day after they really happened. And it called them Operation Towfan Students for Justice in Palestine
The Students for Justice in Palestine provided ready-made hashtags and talking points as well as a manual for how to organize campus protests against Israel.

Fiscal sponsors provide book-keeping and other accounting services for groups that do not have federal tax exempt status.

In addition to Students for Justice in Palestine WESPAC Foundation supports a host of anti-Israel initiatives, including the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement as well as the Green New Deal, a radical proposal on climate associated with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Last week, a bipartisan group of more than three dozen lawmakers called on New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to ban the student group, accusing it of fomenting violence and hate.

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