Anti-aging zealot Bryan Johnson poses naked on social media

Anti-aging zealot Bryan Johnson poses naked on social media

Millionaire bio-hacker Bryan Johnson posted nude photos of himself to show off his “insatiable thirst for life.”

Johnson — who spends some $2 million a year on a regimen that includes counting his nighttime erections in an effort to regain the organ functions of a teenager — flaunted his chiseled physique in a Thanksgiving social media post.

In the completely naked photo, the 46-year-old tech mogul holds a kettle bell while performing a lunge in what appears to be his personal gym.

“Death was my only wish for 10 years,” Johnson wrote on his X social media account, where he posted the racy image.

“Depression had me in an unbreakable choke hold,” he wrote, adding that he was “giving thanks today that I now feel an insatiable thirst for life.”

Johnson ended the message with an emoji depicting two hands joined together to create the shape of a heart.

“Sending you all [love],” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Johnson claimed that he managed to reverse his biological age to the point where he has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old and the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old.

In January, Johnson, who sold his payment processing firm Braintree Payment Solutions to EBay for $800 million in cash in 2013, revealed the lengths to which he fought the aging process.

The Silicon Valley mogul whose net worth is in the nine-figure range is on a mission to reverse the aging process.
Johnson’s unorthodox methods include swapping blood plasma with his 17-year-old son, Talmage.

He hired a team of more than 30 doctors and health experts who monitor his brain, heart, bladder, kidneys, liver, lungs, penis, tendons, skin, hair and rectum.

The endeavor, which is code-named “Project Blueprint,” entails adhering to a diet of 1,977 calories from vegan sources, high intensity exercises for three days a week, routine blood tests and colonoscopies, and intermittent fasting.

Before becoming extraordinarily wealthy, Johnson said that the stress of working long hours was so acute that he became depressed to the point where he contemplated suicide.

“Every night at 7 p.m., the stresses of the day would just be on my shoulder, and it felt really heavy,” Johnson, who would wolf down trays of brownies to cope with his struggles, told Business Insider in September.

Johnson has a team of 30 doctors and health professionals overseeing his efforts to turn his 46-year-old body into that of an 18-year-old.

“It was like this idea that if I could somehow get my hands on this food, I would have this momentary relief of this pain of my existence.”

Johnson is part of a niche group of Silicon Valley types who are spending inordinate amounts of money to discover the fountain of youth.

As part of his efforts, Johnson experimented with unorthodox methods, including swapping blood plasma with his 17-year-old son — a move that he said yielded no benefits.

Johnson adheres to a strict vegan diet as well as an intensive workout regimen.
Instagram/ Bryan Johnson
Johnson is part of a movement launched by Silicon Valley tech types to reverse the aging process.
Bryan Johnson/Blueprint

During the plasma swap, Johnson, his son, and his 70-year-old dad, Richard, had one liter of blood drained.

Talmage’s plasma was fed into Johnson’s veins and Jonson’s plasma was fed into Richard’s veins.

In the weeks since the the treatment, Johnson said that there were “no benefits detected” from the blood swap, and therefore he won’t be doing it again.

Additional Reporting by Shannon Thaler

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