“A Healthy Ecosystem In Hollywood Is About Balance” – Upnewsdaily

“A Healthy Ecosystem In Hollywood Is About Balance” – Upnewsdaily

There’s a whole debate in Hollywood about how much the industry relies on established franchises like superhero movies and how many original films get commissioned. Director Christopher Nolan is weighing in on the matter explaining that there needs to be a balance between all types of movies.

“I think there’s always a balance in Hollywood between established titles that can ensure a return audience and giving people more of what they want,” he told the Associated Press during a recent interview. “That’s always been a big part of the economics of Hollywood, and it pays for a lot of other types of films to be made and distributed.”

Nolan noted that the audience also has to be respected as they have a “desire for something new.”

“That’s one of the big thrills of going to the movies, seeing the trailer for a movie you’ve never heard of, or type of movie you haven’t seen or haven’t seen in a long time, something new, something fresh,” he added. “A healthy ecosystem in Hollywood is about a balance of two things, and always has been.”

The filmmaker also touched upon not overanalyzing the audiences’ reactions to any particular type of film.

“They’re not realistic in terms of how we will watch movies,” he said. “We all watch movies with different expectations for what kind of movie it is. We all go to the movies, wanting to see something different than we saw the week before. You have horror movies and comedies and documentaries — the movie screen can be anything. And so the more variety we have, the more interesting films being made, the better it is, for all of us as moviegoers and as industry professionals.”

Nolan’s comments were made after the reporter asked him about Martin Scorsese’s remarks about “fighting back” the comic book movie culture.

“It’s gotta come from the filmmakers themselves. And you’ll have, you know, the Safdie brothers, and you’ll have Chris Nolan, you know what I mean? And hit ’em from all sides,” Scorsese told GQ in an interview earlier this years. “Hit ’em from all sides, and don’t give up. Let’s see what you got. Go out there and do it. Go reinvent. Don’t complain about it. But it’s true because we’ve got to save cinema.”

Check out Nolan’s full interview with the AP in the video posted below.

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